Meet the "Boom Chicka Boom" behind Johnny Cash Revisited

At the heart of Johnny Cash Revisited is the powerhouse band that recreate the sound of Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Three. On Lead Guitar we have Conrad Di Ianni, on upright & Electric Bass there's Pete Pritchard and on drums we have Todd Knapp. Here's a little more about them and links to their own personal spaces on the interweb. 

Conrad was born in Italy, raised in London and learned to play guitar from an early age. His musical influences are many, including, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Surf, Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Western Swing, Southern Rock, Blues Rock and he is able to switch between, and even combine, those styles with apparent ease. Over the last twenty years Conrad has been part of many band projects, recordings, shows and countless gigs. He’s a team player with a professional attitude and an extremely obvious enthusiasm for his music and his craft.
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Born near Toronto, Canada, Todd now makes his home in the UK. Drums were part of Todd's life from before he can remember. Since his first professional gig at 15, the past 20 years of playing have taken Todd all across the globe; performing in the West End, with national touring musicals, on cruise ships and in countless pubs and clubs, performing with The Shirelles, Johnny Thunder of The Drifters, vocalist Franc D'Ambrosio, trumpeter Cecil Welch, the multi-talented John Davidson, as well as being involved in many musical theatre productions both here in the UK and at home in Canada.
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Meet the previous members of Starkville. Who knows, they may still turn up from time to time.

Mark JacobsLEAD GUITAR  -  Mark Jacobs 
One of the most individual and innovative guitarists you'll ever hear. His style is all his own. Mark has been a familiar face on the UK country music scene for many years having began playing in bands in his mid teens. In 1996 Mark joined The Rick McKay Band and toured extensively, including working as backing band for Billie Jo Spears on her 1997 UK tour. For there Mark joined popular country band Kalibre and eventually formed his own band, The Perfect Strangers, before rejoining Rick as lead guitarist in Johnny Cash Revisited. 

Lee HodgsonLEAD GUITAR  -  Lee Hodgson A professional guitarist since 1979, Lee is mainly known as a country picker although he actually plays many different styles. He is a lecturer and assessor at the Institute (formerly known as the Guitar Institute) in London and has made many tutorial DVD’s for Lick Library and, more recently, Jam Track Central.
Lee has been playing on the British country scene since 1987, appearing with Memphis Roots at Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall plus countless clubs, festivals etc.
In January 2016 Lee replaced Mark Jacobs on lead guitar in Johnny Cash Revisited, where he now uses his skills to replicate the legendary sound of Luther Perkins down to the finest detail. Lee has written reviews and conducted interviews for an online magazine, Guitar Interactive. He’s also an erstwhile columnist and transcriber for Guitarist and Guitar Techniques, and has written a book, Hot Country.

John StandenUPRIGHT & ELECTRIC BASS  -  John Standen 
John started out with his band The River Boys back in the 1980's and later became known as the go-to guy if you need a bass player at short notice, due to his vast knowledge of rock 'n' roll and country music. He's played around the rock 'n' roll scene with so many bands that he's able to jump in with almost any of them and will already know most of their set list. John left JCR at the end of August 2016 and moved to Australia.

Andy FrostDRUMS  -  Andy Frost is known for both his excellent and versatile drumming skills, of which we take great advantage, and for his abiliy to perform amazingly realistic "beatbox" drums. Internationally known as the vocal drummer with acappella group The Magnets, Andy's history dates back to the early 90's when he performed alongside Jodie McKay in her brother Glen Mitchell's band. Andy still tours with The Magnets, and more recently acapella trio We3, which takes him all over the world.

Matt JacobsDRUMS - Matt Jacobs
The clue is in the name. Matt is the nephew of Mark Jacobs (see above) and has worked in a number of bands with his uncle. He joined Johnny Cash Revisited in the summer of 2014 at short notice and his first performance with the show was at The Marvellous Festival in Reading, one of the largest events of it's kind and a real baptism by fire for Matt. He currently plays in his "uncle" Mark's band and also Ridgeway Country.

Gary MearsKEYBOARDS - Gary Mears
Gary is an accomplished musician with a seriously keen ear for details. He joined the band at the urging of Mark Jacobs, as they had been friends since their schooldays.  These days Gary does most of his playing behind the scenes, co-producing the show with Jodie and Rick.  Don't be surprised if you see him pop up on stage with JCR from time to time though.



Shane O'Borne, Pete Ariss and Tonny Ariss
The very first band line up for JCR featured these three excellent musicians. Shane, a long time friend of Rick and Jodie, brought bothers, Tony and Pete ariss to the show as they were already established as a tight unit backing the legendary Charlie Landsborough for many years.